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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  November 15, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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.captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, and in hd, this is abc7 "news at noon," on your side. >> streets are shot down as fda agents service award in district heights. it all happened this morning. brianne carter joins us from the scene. >> it has been a very active seen all morning long. at this hour, police remained on the scene. they have been focusing on this house on the 6700 block of kipling parkway in district heights. authorities say this began at 6:00 this morning when fbi
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investigators served a search warrant. when that was executed, another incident happened. they're not telling us what that was, but shots were fired and we understand one woman was injured, not from the shots fired, but from a fall. she was treated and released. we spoke to neighbors in the area about what they heard and one woman said the commotion woke her up. >> i was sleeping in my bedroom across the street, and i heard the police saint "police, open up." bay opened the door, and i -- they opened the door, and i heard the fire. >> officials say this is an active seeing.
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they're not telling us what led up to the shots fired, or what the search warrant was for. they tell us the investigation is still ongoing. brianne carter, abc 7 news. >> he prince george's county man is dead after a confrontation in riverdale. the deputy was inside when a man with a gun confronted him and the pity fired. so far, the suspect nor the deputy have been identified. he is now on administrative leave. a d.c. police sergeant is recovering -- it happened overnight unflustered. an off-duty officer was responding to a burglary. the officer was not seriously hurt. the principle of coolidge high
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school in northwest d.c. has turned herself in. there was an arrest warrant out for thelma jarrett. she is accused of beating up a four to play with two other women -- former employee in with two other women. bp has agreed to pay $4.5 billion for the oil spill to the dual years ago in the gulf of mexico and plead guilty for lying to congress about how much oil was pouring down of the well. several also face manslaughter charges for the 11 people died in the explosion. new developments into the investigation into the deadly attacks in libya. secretary of state henry clinton will appear in front of congress. hearings began -- hillary clinton will appear in front of congress. hearings began this morning.
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the house intelligence committee had a closed door hearing this morning. president obama is on the ground in new york city looking at recovery efforts following hurricane sandy. this is video from the president departing this morning. 16 days after the storm thousands are still without power. the president scheduled to meet with families responders and local leaders. the hurricane is blamed for a spike in unemployment filings with nearly 500,000 making claims last week the highest level in 18 months. the labor department says most claims came from the states impacted by the storm. people can claim unemployment if there were place closes in washington, the focuses of the so-called fiscal cliff with
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republicans responding to the president's proposal. >> an opening bid of 1.6 trillion in taxes is not serious. it is more than simpson-bowles or any bipartisan commission has called for. >> mitch mcconnell went on to call move a joke. democrats will be adopted as their position later this afternoon. it is another chilly day in the nation's capital. not as much sunshine today. >> we do not have the psychological sunshine giving us the boost that we in in terms of temperatures. the senators are similar to what we had yesterday. here is a perfect -- temperatures are similar to what we had yesterday. here is fairfax. i will show you satellite images.
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strasbourg, 39. 49 in landover 47 in la plata. 44 in gainesville. mostly cloudy. we could see some sign later this afternoon. the average height is 48. we will be -- high is 48. we will be near 50. " temperatures. denver, 49. atlanta, 52. i will have. >> the ticket with developing story in upper marlboro. a student accused killing her roommate, and that case could get to the courtroom today. brad bell has the details. >> some dramatic moments in court moments ago. in a bit of a surprise, alexis
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simpson, the accused killer, took the stand in her own defense, saying that the very end of her testimony that she had to defend herself and that she was scared. she described her entire relationship with the victim, saying from the moment they met there seemed to be something awkward. she described several encounters that grew hostile and painted herself as an innocent victim who was just getting picked on by the much larger, taller and heavier dominique frazier, and then she talked about september 15, 2011. she says she was awakened from a nap by music in her bathroom. she turned down and ipod, and says that triggered everything. it grew into a fight. there were a couple of flights. then we get to the moment of the
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stabbing. simpson said she knew dominique frazier owned a knife. she felt trapped in her room and wanted to get out. she said when she came out of her room, one of frazier's friends grant her, and pulled her into the -- grabbed her and pulled her into the room. simpson said at that point she picked up her own pocket knife. it is the first time we have heard the actual weapon described. she says while she was a jump she started swinging the knife while we. all of the seven she realized the punches had stopped coming from frazier, and she saw frazier clutching her neck. at this point, she is sobbing as she describes this. she says she tried to help frazier she put her own hand over the wound to stop the
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bleeding, but there was nothing she could do. the defense lawyer said did you want dominique frazier to die this way, and she said no. the court is in a brief break. cross-examination coming up. >> thank you for the details. 12:09 p.m. right now. will look at the new route 28 bridge over wellington road. shiny and white. it cost more than $21 million. the virginia department of transportation and the city of manassas marked the occasion with a ribbon-cutting ceremony this morning. coming up, one of the most celebrated junk foods in the nation could be a distant memory. a labor dispute has the 20 on the chopping block how about a man coming home that -- 20 on the chopping block. how about a man friday
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>> escalating violence of the gaza strip has caught the attention of the united nations has more airstrikes were reported over night as israel retaliates against hamas for rockets launched into israel. the u.n. security council held an emergency meeting. ultimately, no action taken. millions more did the death --
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mourned the death of the hamas leader. an investigation under way over an apparent theft in the pittsburgh steelers locker room. the team says somebody stole mike shanahan's passport and about $3,700 in cash. and-become the team said the items were found -- initially the team said the items were found, but that is not the case. a green belt than this. after he says he was evicted from his home without any warning and while his stuff was on the streets, he fell victim to seeds. john gonzalez explains. >> this 36-year-old has lived here more than a year. he came home to this, finding all of his belongings out on the street. >> it clearly says november 19, 2012, trial date.
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he has been the victim, but he does not understand -- evicted but does not understand why. he admits he was laid on his rent, but records show he paid all of it except $30 in late fees he was to appear in court next week, but then came this. >> they got somebody to read it before the $38. >> he says most of his belongings including three flat screen televisions and a couple of laptops were stolen. he chased this man after rummaging through his staff. >> my baby's crib, her stroller, everything was gone. >> the manager at the apartment complex did not talk on camera, but say procedures are always followed and they say they will research this case more carefully. >> i cannot do anything.
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>> under rent laws, four days after judgment, that is when the eviction process can begin in the sheriff's office is contacted. not only was he kicked out, but his locks were changed. >> thank you. in the wake of the david petraeus scandal defense secretary leon panetta has ordered a review of the ethics training one in staff to brainstorm ways to steer officers away from trouble. he makes no mention of the david petraeus scandal. the first of two public hearings begins on plans to close 20 d.c. schools. many have low enrollment. the hearing will be held from
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4:0 p.m. until 8:0 p.m. but from the county could be more restrictive when it comes to smoking -- montgomery county could be more restrictive when it comes to smoking. the only exception would be public the u.s. military is ramping up plans for january's presidential inauguration. 5000 active-duty military will assist. there will be coming to d.c. from across the country to help the locally-based military, and some are already town meeting with the officer in charge. >> this demonstrates our commitment to the commander in chief, and our capability as a nation to the world.
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it is why we put our best foot forward. >> several military bands will be clean throughout the week. they are working on their playbook as they work on the parade planned. adam caskey, no psychological sunshine but it feels war. >> it feels warmer. >> driving, i was feeling it. >> today cloudy, unseasonably cool. the cool weather will continue. here is a time lapse overlooking the potomac sunrise at 6:51 a.m.. we're filling the shift to standard time. everybody is coming home from work with their headlights on. there is of the cloud cover.
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49 degrees. it is mid-level. it is not the low-level that gives you a little bit of rain. 49 at reagan national airport. the wind is out of the north at 5 miles an hour. it is not a very gusty wind, but it is all of the cold north the average temperature is about four degrees below average for the month. culpeper at 35. generally speaking, 40's. the average height is 58 degrees. we will run about 10 degrees below that. the mid-atlantic, the northeast and even down to the south as the cool air. chicago, 41. indianapolis, 42. raleigh-durham even cooler at
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46. there is the rain moving into parts of the carolinas. we have cloud cover that is tough to shake. we will have some clearing by late tonight and tomorrow morning. the western and southern parts of the shenandoah no dallies. there is a system -- valleys. there is a system that is lingering. it is not enough to move offshore and onshore. it will take control of the weather. overall, pleasant, but unseasonably cool. we will have some energy off of the carolina coast. we have been talking about a shower on sunday, or monday morning. right now, i think the odds are slim within the next seven days. right now, signs point to the
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system staying offshore. 50 degrees is the high, and then a gradual drop. tomorrow -- connect back into the 30's. tomorrow, a few degrees warmer. we will make it into the mid- 50's. 54 55, on average. the average height is 58 degrees, but we will be slightly before that. right now, next thursday is looking pretty good. >> a nice warm up. >> a november warm-up. >> twinkies and wonder bread are american icons but could they be left for dead? say it is not so. the future of the junk food next. >> tonight, man's best friend comes through again. [ female announcer
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>> it could be the end of a line for twinkies. hostess brands has given striking workers until 5:00 p.m. today to get back to work or they could liquidate the business. that could mean the end of wonder bread, and 18,000 jobs as well care workers are striking for better wages and benefits. black friday is just a little over one week away, and people are already lining up. how about these two ladies in california? the line starts with them. the store manager says this is the earliest they have seen a l ine to form. if you need a wake-up call in the morning download our new alarm clock iphone app or a
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personalized wake-up alarm. also you can check out weather and traffic all at
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>> here is of look at the next seven days. pretty straight forward. cloudy.
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